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Children's Exam - 1 in 4 children are at risk from undiagnosed vision problems!
Give Your Kids a Head Start!

Many vision screenings test only for distance visual acuity. While the ability to see clearly in the distance is important, it does not give any indication as to how well the eyes focus up close or team together for the child’s schoolwork demands. It also does not give any information about the internal or external health of the eyes.

A change in vision is often not realized until your child can’t see the board at school or has trouble reading a text book. They often do not know their eyes are not working efficiently and are unable to communicate that a problem exists. The increased stress on the child’s inadequate visual system can cause fatigue and lack of overall desire to do their schoolwork resulting in less than optimal grades and sometimes behavioral disorders.

Additionally, we are living in a "blue light experiment" and we do not know the final outcome! The blue light that is found in the digital technology that our kids are devouring may be found to induce retinal damage and cell death. We can prescribe BlueLight lenses to help prevent this from happening to your child. Please ask for details

Vision is our most valuable sense. 90% of a child’s learning is through their visual system. Early detection can save years of struggling and harmful impact on your child’s ability to learn.
  eye exam San Clemente Optometry
  eye exam San Clemente Optometry
Please have your child’s eyes checked annually.
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Eye See . . . Eye Learn
is an eye health and vision program for kindergarten age children in Alberta.

80% of learning is visual, which makes having a comprehensive eye exam an important start to a child’s learning journey. The first step is to book an appointment with a doctor of optometry. They will check your child’s vision and eye health during an examination. These exams are covered by Alberta Health. If it is determined that your child requires eyeglasses, they will receive a free pair through the program. The doctor of optometry will order the glasses for you once the examination is complete. The glasses are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

No forms are necessary, just book an appointment with your optometrist and tell them you would like to take part in Eye See . . . Eye Learn.
Did you know?
• Alberta Health covers the cost of comprehensive eye exams for all children in the province until age 18*.
• 25 per cent of children in Alberta begin grade one with an undiagnosed vision or eye health problem.
• An undiagnosed vision or eye health problem can interfere with their ability to learn.
• 80 per cent of learning is visual, which make having a comprehensive eye exam an important start to a child’s learning journey.
• Children with vision problems are often misdiagnosed as having learning or behavioural disabilities.
• Eye health problems are detected through an eye exam.
• The sooner problems are treated, the more likely they can be corrected.
• Some conditions have a critical period and once the window passes, permanent visual loss can remain.
• Children are often unaware they have a vision issue as they believe what they are seeing is normal.
• 43% of children who have a vision or eye health problem can pass a basic vision screening or sight test.
• Children may have one eye that is doing most of the work, hiding the fact that the other eye is not functioning properly.
Your child may have a vision or eye health problem if they are experiencing one or more of these symptoms:
At school:
• Struggles with reading, writing or learning.
• Performs below ability level.
• Loses place while reading or uses finger/marker to guide eyes.
• Places head close to books or desk while reading or writing.

At home:
• Has a short attention span for age.
• Dislikes or avoids close or detailed work (LEGO, drawing, etc.).
• Has poor eye-hand coordination. Physical indicators:
• Turns or tilts head to use only one eye; covers or closes one eye.
• Blinks or rubs eyes excessively.
• Suffers from headaches, nausea, dizziness.
• Complains of burning, itching or blurry eyes. •Has double vision.

* Check with your doctor of optometry prior to your appointment to determine if there are any additional costs.
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